Wedding Advice

We encourage engaged love birds to have a clear mind of their own and to stay true to their ideas. To go off the beaten path, not afraid to throw tradition to the wind to choose a wedding or elopement that reflects you best. We believe this helps you to stay relaxed and truly enjoy your wedding day, which your photography will reflect.

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
— John D. Rockefeller


Besides putting together your personal wedding, one of the biggest pieces of advice we can give you is: look for great LIGHT. Be considerate of the amount of light available at your wedding venue(s). The type and amount of light will be a BIG influence on your much cherished wedding photos. Feel free to ask our advice on this (or anything) :)


We have special packages for brides and grooms interested in adding an adventure shoot to their wedding day photography. You can plan it shortly after your wedding, on your honeymoon or whenever and wherever it suits you best.

Adventurous Wedding Photography

It - quite logically - may have never crossed your mind but... Many jaw dropping scenic wedding photographs were not captured on the actual wedding day.

The timetable often does not leave much room for golden hour photography, let alone a hike to a stunning mountain top or waterfall prior to that sunrise or sunset.
(You probably also don't want to wear those fancy shoes for that ;) )

To showcase your story, photo albums are always included in all of our photography packages.



If you're planning your wedding day, no matter where you are, think of us! We love traveling so thumbs up for destination weddings :)

To create a beautiful storyline of your wedding day, we are availabe for a minimum of 6 consecutive hours but there is no maximum. 

To make your memories last even longer, an online gallery and a luxury wedding album are included for every wedding day.

Our wedding day packages start from €1395 for 6 hours, full size photo album included. 


(AFTER WEDDING) Adventure Photography

Adventure shoots focus on you and the stunning outdoors. Whether it's an after wedding shoot in your bridal attire or any other shoot: this one is for the adventurous souls!

Adventure shoots can be a bit more challenging to arrange depending on location and accessibility, which makes it tricky to estimate the total costs beforehand.

The investment for an adventure shoot itself is €350 and includes a medium size photo album. Travel expenses may apply depending on your wishes and the location.

or a full experience, together with an online gallery a 20x15 cm luxury album with 15 pages comes with every adventure shoot.

WANDR love & portrait photography

Love & portrait

For surroundings that are easier accessible and a little less adventurous, we also offer shorter photography shoots.

Whether you are interested in getting a great portrait, you're planning a surprise proposal or you'd like to have some images with your lover when you have something to celebrate or 'just because': we will gladly be a part of it!

The investment for a love and portrait shoot is €250 and includes a small photo album.

To complete your photo shoot, an online gallery and a luxury 15x15 cm album with 8 pages are included. 


Two Photographers

As two equally skilled photographers, we sometimes have a couple of small advantages, especially for weddings. A second perspective, an extra eye and getting ready photos for both the bride and the groom can be a plus.

For the most part, we photograph all shoots together. However, in some cases, one photographer might be more desirable, especially for destination weddings and adventure shoots. 

Let's get in touch and we'll be more than happy to go over the best options for you.